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Surveys in America have shown that most people think everyone around them is having an affair. Apparently we think that approximately 4 out of every five spouses are unfaithful. However, finding the truth can be difficult. Statistics on infidelity vary greatly from survey to survey. Some state that more partners stray than remain faithful and others the exact opposite. It's estimated that about 70% of marriages are affected by infidelity, and that this unfaithfulness is increasing.

One common thread amongst most surveys is that husbands are more likely to cheat than wives. Apparently infidelity is also more common among younger couples who have not been married for very long. This infidelity usually occurs when a marriage is unstable, it also increases the risk of having a divorce.

Husbands are more likely to cheat on their wives if they had had multiple relationships prior to marriage. This could simply be because they find it difficult to settle down with a single partner.

So why do husband's cheat? The answers to this question are many and varied. It always depends on the individual husband and the circumstances that he finds himself in. One night stands can often be the result of too much alcohol and an unfortunate opportunity. However, an affair on the other hand is usually with a close friend or workmate rather than someone picked up in a bar. This often comes about because of a lack of intimacy in the marriage, and affairs are often about finding friendship rather than anything sordid.

It has been argued that having an affair can supplement and rejuvenate a deteriorating relationship, as it provides an outlet for the husband who may be frustrated with the lack of emotion in the marriage. Regardless of what the reasons are for a husband to begin cheating on wife, the majority of people who've been in an affair claimed that is not a positive experience.

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Cheating Husbands - Survey Information

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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